Environmental Impact Varies Depending On Specific Bearings Used

For many years, synthetics and composite guide bearing have performed their functions in hydro plants. However, recent years have seen a rise in maintenance problems associated with the bearings as they wear over time, in addition to the increased awareness of the environmental consequences of their use. Specifically, synthetic/plastic and composite guide bearings generally require […]

Reverse Engineering Aging Assets

Aging hydro assets typically have few to no blueprints, yet through reverse engineering Lignum Vitae North America has made a significant impact to these facilities’ long-lasting triumph and is a major contributor to their inclusion in the Hydro Hall of Fame. Lignum Vitae bearings will keep them operational for another 100 years. Lignum Vitae offers […]

Let’s Talk Bearings

The new normal is adapt and carry on. That is exactly how lignum vitae bearings have performed for the last 163 years. During these extreme circumstances we are all discovering new ways to acclimate and continue business as usual.  Lignum Vitae North America is excited to invite you to participate in “Let’s Talk Bearings.” To […]

Polymer Bearing Failures: How Many Excuses Are You Willing to Accept?

It’s The Water Temperature It’s The Water Condition/Silty It’s The Marine Growth It’s The Shaft Quality It’s The Air Entrainment A simple and cost-effective way to address ongoing premature failure, degradation and performance problems in polymers is shifting to lignum vitae bearings and seals. The no-excuse solution lignum vitae is inherently able to adapt to […]

Innovation and Performance Driving Gains for Lignum Vitae in the Marketplace

Lignum Vitae North America is the exclusive global supplier of premium lignum vitae seals and bearings to the hydro and marine industries. Lignum Vitae North America was formed to bring this superior material back to the forefront in response to marketplace demand. As the only manufacturer with immediate access to a commercially viable supply of […]

State of the Art Research and Production Facility Coming Online Fall 2018

Last month, Lignum Vitae N.A. broke ground on its new research, engineering and production facility for water lubricated bearings made with lignum vitae hardwood material. The 13,000 square ft. facility will feature state-of-the-art technology and tools including robotics, proprietary layup, 3-D printing, laser measurement and more to meet growing global demand and enhance production capabilities […]

Keeping it Simple: A Single Solution to Reduce Costly Downtime

Ask any energy provider or plant operator today what keeps them up at night, most will tell you that despite their different needs and unique operating environments, they share one thing in common…bearing and seal failures is at the top of the list. fortunately, there is a single source solution that consistently is alienating those […]

Plant Operators Increase Uptime with Zero Replacement Seal Solutions

Premature failure and corrosion can lead to expensive headaches beyond costly downtime. Poorly fitting and worn seals cost operators millions of dollars in leakage and associated issues that include reduced equipment performance and compromised environmental impacts. The proliferation of materials such as carbon graphite has overshadowed more durable, cost-effective solutions that offer the longer wear […]

Hydro Plants, Aircraft Carriers & Wind turbines have one thing in common

Each benefit from bearing solutions made with lignum vitae material. Lignum Vitae North America (Lignum Vitae) is the energy industry’s source for innovative, environmentally superior bearing solutions. For more than 12 years, Lignum Vitae has developed engineered bearing solutions that deliver long-lasting performance and dependability in the face of today’s faster speeds, heavier loads and […]

United States Naval Institute proceedings, Volume 45 P. 1929

Lignum-vitae, The Vital Wood.—The propeller shaft of every battleship, every destroyer, every transport, in fact, every large steamship, revolves in a wooden bearing at the stern end. Of all the thousands of woods in the world, true lignum-vitae, a native of the West Indies and certain other parts of tropical America, is the only one […]