Keeping it Simple: A Single Solution to Reduce Costly Downtime

Ask any energy provider or plant operator today what keeps them up at night, most will tell you that despite their different needs and unique operating environments, they share one thing in common…bearing and seal failures is at the top of the list. fortunately, there is a single source solution that consistently is alienating those concerns by providing consistent, durable and maintenance-free performance: Lignum Vitae hardwood material.

Recent conferences with global energy providers and plants from hydro to wind, shipping to industrial, have uncovered a common thread – ongoing frustration with engineered polymers, plastics, and other materials in bearings and seals. And the frustration is growing, as manufacturers struggle to produce new experimental materials to handle ever-changing power upgrades in extreme operating environments.

One manufacturer that is delivering long-lasting solutions is Lignum Vitae North America (Lignum Vitae), the global supplier of lignum vitae material. The team at Lignum Vitae has been a leader in bringing this material back to the foregront of the discussion by offering a single solution that is capable of meeting the myriad needs of these and other industries because of its exceptional performance. And it isn’t new. Lignum Vitae hardwood material has been in use since the mid-1800’s because it works – the first time, and every time. And demand is growing. With recent EPA mandates to remove oil from the water lignum vitae is the answer with no moving parts and no grease or oil. Contact us to learn how Lignum Vitae can be your partner in engineering low maintenance, long-lasting and cost-effective solutions.