Stave Bearings



Stave Bearings made of Lignum Vitae are a true water/self-lubricated bearing that saves Hydro Power Plants millions in costly maintenance labor.
Making history for 165 years in the fastest, most powerful ships and submarines in maritime history while eliminating current EPA compliance issues.
Lignum Vitae is Leading the way back to Water-Lubricated Bearings in the Hydro Industry ahead of EPA regulations.

Lignum Vitae Bearings are the oldest water-lubricated/self-lubricated bearings known to man. Lignum Vitae is the best answer for your hydro power plant. No other water-lubricated bearing last as long and has the pristine history of water-lubricated bearings such as main guide, stave, shell or stacked block, or even thrust bearings. Known for its extreme durability and longevity in the hydro industry; Lignum Vitae bearings create zero pollution and are key to anyone wanting clean renewable energy. When you add all of the maintenance cost, risk of oil spills and adjustments of other bearings Lignum Vitae is the best answer to maximize your uptime and keep your work boat or ship running.

We are proud to assure you of the availability and the long history and future success of your power plant.  This material is the answer for underwater applications. Composites such as Thoradon have been trying to match the durability and longevity of genuine Lignum Vitae but to no avail. So when your hydro plant needs a new bearing make it the longest lasting water-lubricated bearing on the market.

Make it Lignum Vitae!  Bearing Innovation starts with us!

When Considering Lignum Vitae-Bearings download our Bearing Cost PDF!


Hydro Bearing Facts you need to know…

The best main guide bearings for hydro plants around the world: self-lubricated, water-lubricated, longest lasting, zero pollution, environmentally superior.

After numerous interviews and visits to hydro installations we discovered that the material operated flawlessly for decades resulting in millions of dollars of savings for  hydro plant operators.

Mission Statement:  Replace every environmentally threatening oil filmed bearing and failed experimental plastic bearing resulting in millions of dollars of savings in the hydro industry.

Performance Summary:

  • Replace all oil film and plastic type underwater main guide bearings.
  • Replaces bearings found in the following Turbines: Kaplan, Pelton, Leffel, Francis, GE, S. Morgan Smith, Westinghouse, Allis Chalmers, and International
  • Over the life of a Lignum Vitae bearing set, a customer could avoid in excess of 360 days of unplanned outage resulting in significant lost revenue;
  • Lignum Vitae bearings serve turbine diameters of any size.
  • Lignum Vitae bearings outlast competitive bearings six to one, lasting over 60 years without the need for costly repetitive service and replacement;
  • Lignum Vitae bearings are self lubricating and, as a result, do not discharge oil into the water supply, unlike competitive bearings that can discharge approximately 2,000 gallons of oil annually per bearing set into the water supply;
  • Lignum Vitae bearings can be supplied by Lignum Vitae North America, which has an annual capacity of approximately 3,250 bearing sets into perpetuity; and,
  • The only environmentally responsible renewable industrial bearing known to man.