Inspection & Maintenance


Lignum Vitae understands the importance of keeping your hydro operating and stands ready to deploy our inspection team to help understand unplanned outages 24/7.

Onsite inspections have given operators insight to better bearing maintenance and action items that keep the plant running and avoid costly shutdowns.
Whether recommending a full bearing replacement or simply fine tuning an existing bearing, we understand hydro and are ready to help.

For damaged journals, we offer a hone in place option to clean shafts in place without removal by placing an inflatable abrasive in existing stave slots. Hone in place can save up to $250,000 on one installation alone. This recent patent will reduce the number of shafts needing to be removed for turning in an offsite shop. The process can take as little as 1-2 days saving enormous time and money by cleaning the shaft in place.