Hydro Plants, Aircraft Carriers & Wind turbines have one thing in common

Each benefit from bearing solutions made with lignum vitae material.

Lignum Vitae North America (Lignum Vitae) is the energy industry’s source for innovative, environmentally superior bearing solutions. For more than 12 years, Lignum Vitae has developed engineered bearing solutions that deliver long-lasting performance and dependability in the face of today’s faster speeds, heavier loads and challenging environmental and operating conditions, all while extending service life and increasing uptime.

Lignum Vitae provides water lubricated bearings to more than 250 hydro plants globally. With numerous patents developed through extensive and ongoing testing and research, we lead the industry in the development of customized and innovative solutions for the energy industry. Lignum Vitae bearings and materials are the only water-lubricated technology capable of operating at zero clearance to replace oiled and composite bearing types.

While not widely known, lignum vitae material has been contributing to the success of the maritime industry since its inception. Ships as far back as 1852 used stern tubes made with lignum vitae material, and Lignum Vitae North America has successfully replaced stern tubes that date back to the early 1900s, including the SS Jeremiah Obrien, and fleets of work boats. Most recently, Lignum Vitae has been selected to design and source bearings for the INS Vikramaditya, an aircraft carrier in the Indian Navy.

As alternate power generation sources continue to gain momentum, Lignum Vitae will continue to look for ways to disrupt the industry to offer superior, water-lubricated solutions that meet the strenuous demands of wind, hydro and other emerging energy providers.