Innovation and Performance Driving Gains for Lignum Vitae in the Marketplace

Lignum Vitae North America is the exclusive global supplier of premium lignum vitae seals and bearings to the hydro and marine industries. Lignum Vitae North America was formed to bring this superior material back to the forefront in response to marketplace demand. As the only manufacturer with immediate access to a commercially viable supply of lignum vitae lumber, we are your source for solutions that you can rely on to perform.


Bearings made from lignum vitae have been in continuous use in hydro plants since the 1880s because of its superior performance, water and self-lubricating operation and exceptional longevity in extreme operating environments. These characteristics consistently improve operational efficiency, contribute to increased uptime and reduce environmental risk to drive bottom-line savings.


Lignum vitae material is able to perform at superior levels because it is one of the hardest woods in the world and is the original bearing material. Unlike many composite or oil-based bearings and seals available today, lignum vitae is self-lubricating, making it ideal for use in hydro plant environments because it eliminates the risk of harmful lubricant discharge and can last for decades without need for replacement.


Our phenomenal team of engineers, specialists and partners collaborate with plant operators ­­to understand their unique challenges to design long-term solutions made with lignum vitae. Contact us to see how the Lignum Vitae North America personalized approach can lead to the superior solution for your needs.