Lignum Vitae has a long history in Hydro Power and Marine applications. Prior to World War II it was used in all sorts of industries. With advances in plastics and composites the thought was man could make a better product and have an endless supply. The problem is no one has figured out how to recreate what mother nature has given us. (An extraordinary Water/Self-Lubricated Bearing!  This is such an extraordinary material we have identified the top Industries that this material can offer mission critical performance for  much longer than any other material. By doing so we will assure its use for the highest and best calling.  This is the very best water-lubricated bearing with a history of lifetime value second to none.

View the different industries we serve below:

Hydro Power

Lignum Vitae is the best answer for your hydro power plant.  Known for its extreme durability and longevity in the hydro industry; Lignum Vitae bearings create zero pollution and are key to anyone seeking to utilize clean renewable energy.


Marine Industry

Recent EPA rulings for accidental oil spills are leading conversions back to water lubricated solutions. Parts crafted from Lignum Vitae are the only water-lubricated technology today that can operate at a zero clearance to replace all oiled and composite bearing types.


Water & Wastewater Treatment

We understand that maintaining bearings in water treatment plants require lots of time & maintenance. Lignum Vitae produces the ONLY renewable industrial bearings that are NSF/ ANSI 61 Certified as a Drinking Water System Component.


Wave & Tidal Energy

We donated bearings to the 20 teams advancing to the next phase in the Wave Energy Prize Challenge sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Water Power Program. See how our bearings could benefit your energy system.


Wind Energy

We understand that keeping your assets generating electricity when you need it is your top priority.  Lignum Vitae bearings are adjustable in place, water lubricated, non-conductive, and remove thrust at source, which help reduce forces downline.



When manufacturing a crankshaft you need to do precise finish work and a product was needed to hold the shaft in place without damaging the shaft.  The solution – Lignum Vitae.  Steel Friendly and Self-Lubricating with no moving parts and no grease.



Lignum Vitae has been used for decades in heavy discs and harrows for agriculture. Working near the dirt, Lignum Vitae requires no grease or oil that attracts dirt into the bearing making it the bearing of choice in dirty environments.


Industrial Applications

Lignum Vitae has been used for all sorts of Industrial Applications. Hydro Power plants generate electricity that is crucial to our manufacturing industries using Lignum Vitae as the bearing of choice.  We have discovered so many rich stories of this material’s uses.