Shell Bearings


Shell Bearings made of Lignum Vitae can be machined to your particular application and offer NSF-61 Certification and do not need oil to operate.
Lignum Vitae Bearing Innovation offers superior lifetime value and environmental benefits that is NSF-61 Certified!
Lignum Vitae is Leading the way back to Water-Lubricated Bearings in many Industry’s ahead of EPA regulations.

Lignum Vitae Water-Lubricated bearings commonly replace composite, plastic, bronze, babbitt and oil filmed bearings. The material is the oldest bearing in service with unmatched longevity in water applications. It has tremendous load bearing qualities and unique shock absorbing qualities that no other material can match. This material has successfully returned to the Hydro Power market and now will return to the Marine market.

  • Benefits of the Material as a Stern Tube Bearing
  • Self lubricating
  • High shock load
  • 100% bearing material Low maintenance
  • Low friction
  • Run of the river or salt water applications
  • High edge load
  • Easy to machine
  • Non conducting
  • Easy installation
  • Custom made to your specifications
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently mandated the type of lubrication oil commercial vessels are permitted to use. According to the EPA, up to 16 million gallons of lubricants are discharged into waterways annually —predominately from stern tube leaks – equating to 1.5 times the size of the Exxon Valdez spill.
Lignum Vitae Bearings are Water-Lubricated – Eliminates EPA Issues