Reverse Engineering Aging Assets

Aging hydro assets typically have few to no blueprints, yet through reverse engineering Lignum Vitae North America has made a significant impact to these facilities’ long-lasting triumph and is a major contributor to their inclusion in the Hydro Hall of Fame. Lignum Vitae bearings will keep them operational for another 100 years.

Lignum Vitae offers a truly green solution for solving the reliability and longevity issues facing today’s hydro market. As the only renewable industrial, self-lubricating bearing, it has a long history of solving vibration and reliability issues in poor water conditions. Lignum vitae is the perfect combination of lubricity, a toughness like Teflon, and hardness like aluminum, making this material the best choice for any water-lubricated application.

 As plants age, shafts become less than perfect. This has challenged the most sophisticated composite bearing formulas to date. Not lignum vitae. It can be adjusted to a zero-tolerance virtually eliminating damaging vibration issues. With over 250 successfully installed main guide, intermediate bearings and seals lignum vitae has changed the adjustment intervals from weeks and months to years and decades.

If your plant is suffering costly modifications, short run times, inordinate vibration, or shaft damage, Lignum Vitae is the answer. With over 165 years of continuous service, lignum vitae remains the No. 1 environmentally safe NSF-61 certified bearing in service today.