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Fact: Superior Performance

Lignum vitae is a self-lubricating natural material. It provides low wear in abrasive water environments making it ideal for maritime or hydroelectric applications. It resists shock, loading, and vibration, and is oil/grease free.


  • Used in nuclear submarines such as the USS Nautilus, and polar class ice breakers
  • Used in over 250 hydroelectric plants across North America
  • Bearing of choice for Indian Navy

Fact: Low Operational Cost

Lignum vitae has been used in marine applications since 1862. Combined with its unmatched performance, reliability, or need for grease or oils, lignum vitae products result in lower operational costs in comparison to its synthetic counterparts.


  • Custom made in the United States
  • Easy installation
  • No water filtering system required
  • No seals required

Fact: Unmatched Longevity

Lignum vitae known as the oldest bearing, wear pad, and seal material still in use. Components manufactured with lignum vitae offer decades of continuous performance far superior to newer composite and synthetic bearings.


  • Lignum Vitae Bearings lasted 67 years in the Locks and Dam 15 hydroelectric plant in Illinois
  • The original specification for ships dating back to the mid-1800s
  • Mechanicville, NY Hydro Plant used lignum vitae without interruption for 50 years

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