Environmental Impact Varies Depending On Specific Bearings Used

For many years, synthetics and composite guide bearing have performed their functions in hydro plants. However, recent years have seen a rise in maintenance problems associated with the bearings as they wear over time, in addition to the increased awareness of the environmental consequences of their use. Specifically, synthetic/plastic and composite guide bearings generally require […]

Keeping it Simple: A Single Solution to Reduce Costly Downtime

Ask any energy provider or plant operator today what keeps them up at night, most will tell you that despite their different needs and unique operating environments, they share one thing in common…bearing and seal failures is at the top of the list. fortunately, there is a single source solution that consistently is alienating those […]

How does an old technology restore performance to an existing Hydro Plant?

The Hydro Plant was reaching the end of its useful life after more than 45 years of operation. The energy company contracted Voith to modernize the Hydro Plant. Voith is a global leader in the Hydro industry and has access to a wealth of knowledge when it comes to comprehensive engineering solutions. Component expected life […]

Lignum-Vitae is leading the way back to a simple water lubricated future.

Timing is everything especially when government compliance and environmental needs merge together. Balancing these needs while delivering a reliable energy source can be a challenging and complex task unless you keep it simple. Introducing “new products” such as plastics and composites can introduce unintended consequences such as instability by requiring a gap between the shafts […]

Lignum-Vitae provides extended life to 1920s-era turbine.

The Challenge The New York Power Authority (NYPA) approached Lignum-Vitae North America (Lignum Vitae) for a solution for its bearing challenges on vintage GE turbines at its facility. The turbines, which used phenolic bearings installed more than 60 years ago, were experiencing significant run out and vibration issues. The bearing issues led to an unstable […]

Why is Lignum-Vitae the bearing of choice for over 100 years?

Tests have proven if a gap of 6-8 mils is developed between the shaft and bearing a hammering effect sets in that slowly wreaks havoc on the entire system. Is it a coincidence that every plant listed on the Hydro Hall of Fame started life on lignum-vitae bearings, we think not! As the bearing of […]