The Future Belongs to Lignum Vitae Water Lubricated Solutions

In consideration of the environment and growing concerns about water quality lignum vitae offers a truly green solution for solving ...
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Aging facilities drive rising maintenance costs; need for cost effective solutions

Energy companies are facing rising maintenance costs as decades-old hydro plants face issues created from aging equipment. Rusting, out-of-round and ...
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Lignum-Vitae provides extended life to 1920s-era turbine.

The Challenge The New York Power Authority (NYPA) approached Lignum-Vitae North America (Lignum Vitae) for a solution for its bearing ...
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Why is Lignum-Vitae the bearing of choice for over 100 years?

Tests have proven if a gap of 6-8 mils is developed between the shaft and bearing a hammering effect sets ...
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