The Future Belongs to Lignum Vitae Water Lubricated Solutions

In consideration of the environment and growing concerns about water quality lignum vitae offers a truly green solution for solving reliability and water issues facing hydro. As the only industrial, self -lubricating bearing that is renewable lignum vitae has a long history of solving vibration, longevity and reliability issues in poor water conditions.

Lignum vitae is the perfect combination of lubricity, similar to Teflon, and hardness similar to aluminum, making this material the right choice for water lubricated applications.

As plants age, shafts become less than perfect that has challenged the most sophisticated composite bearing formulas to date. Lignum vitae can be adjusted to a zero tolerance virtually eliminating damaging vibration issues. LVNALLC has successfully installed over 250 main guide, intermediate bearings and seals. Lignum vitae changed the adjustment intervals from weeks and months into years and decades. Many of these plants relied on filtering systems incompatible with typical muddy run of the river installations that were removed with the installation of lignum vitae with great success.  Seals and bearings made from lignum vitae, well known to be the most steel friendly bearing material available, ended scored shafts and journals.

With over 165 years of continuous service lignum vitae remains the #1 environmentally safe NSF-61 certified bearing in service today. If your plant is experiencing expensive adjustments, short run times, and inordinate vibration or shaft damage lignum vitae is the answer.