Why have Lignum-Vitae Wood Bearings been the best since 1882?

During a recent preparation for a presentation we did extensive research and found that Lignum-Vitae Wood Bearings have several benefits that apply to many industrial bearing applications. These benefits are universal in nature and create value for the company using Lignum-Vitae wood bearings over any of the others. In fact the benefits are so strong that companies save million of dollars by using our bearings. In addition, Lignum-Vitae bearings have been providing this benefit since 1882.

We will start with what makes the Lignum-Vitae bearings unique.

1. Hardness- Lignum-Vitae has a known working load of  12,800 (Pounds per square inch) This is significant because of its strength it  works in very high pressure situations. Composite bearings  try to replicate the hardness but fall short and can cause major damage when bearing against steel. Usually there is a fluid that works as a layer between the composite bearing and the steel shaft. The problem is usually composites are abrasive. If the fluid leaks out  then the composite bears on the shaft and damages it. We have seen plastic bearings that are not as hard but they smear the shaft. All have major dollar consequences that can cost an operation millions of dollars.

2. The Gum (A Natural Lubricant) – The gum that is present in the wood is the key component of success. We have Examples of bearings that have been in place since 1965 and the gum is still present in the bearing as if it was new. This is significant when you consider other wood bearings such as maple (which is not as hard a wood as Lignum-Vitae) are impregnated with oil and over time this oil (their lubricant) leaks out. Lignum- Vitae’s lubricant is built in. In addition we don’t have to manufacture the material and add the oil. The natural product is better, last longer and is not harmful to the environment.  Other bearings use oil as a lubricant. If that oil leaks into drinking what their are high insurance risk, EPA impact and other very costly consequences. Lignum-Vitae’s gum does not leak and is best when used in water. It is the best water lubricated & self lubricated bearing on the market for many applications.

3. Environmental Benefits- This is where Lignum Vitae is way ahead of all other bearing materials. It starts with manufacturing . Many Composite bearings have to use a toxic soup of manufacturing techniques just to make their products. Lignum-Vitae is hand harvested using the best sustainable harvesting techniques that exist. It is closely watched which is terrific other wise it would be over harvested. It is tightly managed and every aspect meets standards that assure the availability into perpetuity. Because of its longevity in service and the natural lubricating characteristics we are choosing the industries that offer the greatest benefit. The Hydro power industry is one. Lignum-Vitae currently is the bearing in many plants and we have documented cases of the same bearing lasting over 100 years. There are other opportunities for this bearing material to be beneficial such as agriculture, and industrial.


4. Zero Tolerance -Steel Friendly-  Bearings are many times used in applications that come in direct contact with steel. Also as the shaft that the bearing is wearing it puts pressure on one side of the shaft or another. This will create faster demise of the shaft. Other bearings need a tolerance often to very precise standards. Lignum- Vitae bearings do not. It can come in direct contact with the steel and not damage the shaft. In fact, it can help hold it in place much better than any other bearing material. If you have to have a fluid between the bearing and the shaft and that fluid leaks or fails you risk damaging the shaft and causing an environmental hazard. This is a huge benefit as the shaft ages. Lignum-Vitae can help force the shaft to stay in place.

If you have a problem with wood-bearings that you are continually replacing by the thousands, call us and let us see how much labor and down time we can save you. If you have a SKF bearing, a Pillow Block Bearing, a Rock Maple Bearing, that is failing to live up to your standards. Call us and let us provide a solution that will keep your assembly line running, your agriculture equipment running or any industrial application that you need a bearing that will perform.