Complex Challenges, Simple Solutions

Complex Challenges, Simple Solutions: How an ancient tree is solving today’s most complex engineering challenges In 1975, Bob Shortridge was a successful builder with a timber frame housing construction business. His business was understanding timber, lumber, and the power of engineering with the simplest of materials – wood. Inspired by Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse, […]

Polymer Bearing Failures: How Many Excuses Are You Willing to Accept?

It’s The Water Temperature It’s The Water Condition/Silty It’s The Marine Growth It’s The Shaft Quality It’s The Air Entrainment A simple and cost-effective way to address ongoing premature failure, degradation and performance problems in polymers is shifting to lignum vitae bearings and seals. The no-excuse solution lignum vitae is inherently able to adapt to […]

Attention Focuses On The Bad Behavior Of Wicket Gate Bushings

Wicket Gate Bushings have become so challenging operators are compelled to step back to using grease-lubricated bushings that fly in the face of environmentally sound hydro. Lignum Vitae North America has a long-term solution to the difficult issues caused by composite bushings that swell and seize the wicket pintle, keeping it from opening and closing. […]

Sealed With a Twist

If your seals and bearings are not lasting 30-50 years without damage, you need to ask: Why Not? Non-maintenance seals from Lignum Vitae North America flip the script on a hydro plants bottom line with performance. Hydro plant operators have become so accustomed to premature wear and failure of seals and bearings, that failure has […]