If the year 2020 could be summed up in one word, it would be “uncertainty”. This word has even found its way into the most robust Hydro Power projects worldwide for over a year. Fortunately for Hydroelectric Plants uncertainty can be replaced with reliability by adding Lignum Vitae to critical components such as main guide bearings and sealswww.xxxhdtubefree.com.

With so many bearing options and no formal ranking system it can be difficult to sort out the good from the best. Lignum Vitae is the only bearing that has remained central to hydroelectric for over 138 years and is still operating in hundreds of plants worldwide today as testimony to longevity and reliability.

Lignum Vitae understands our customers do not have time for a trial-and-error approach to sourcing solutions for equipment maintenance and repair, especially in an emergency. On occasion we are asked to deliver within hours for an unplanned outage each time our team has met the challenge and delivered on time every time.

With over 138 years of proven success, this high-density wood has incredible compressive strength, self-healing properties and innate lubricity from a natural resin embedded in its structure. Lignum Vitae bearings require no filtering, allows a zero clearance to improve hydrodynamic action, improve operational efficiency, contribute to increased uptime, and reduce environmental risk all while providing 20-40 years of total reliable service.

Lignum Vitae North America is proud to be leading the way with a sustainable supply of renewable lignum vitae that exceeds every environmental standard and solves EPA compliance requirements. Escaping oil is causing widespread pollution in our waterways, lignum vitae water lubricated bearings and seals are NSF-61 certified making it the most environmentally bearing on the market.

We deliver easily installed lignum vitae staves, tubes, seals, and blocks. With our new shop we are now accepting bearing rebuilds including installing staves, seals in customer supplied housings and reverse engineering when blueprints no longer exist.

Let us show you how Lignum Vitae is the bearing material that brings solutions to put your turbine back online.

Contact Lignum Vitae North America for more information. www.lignumvitaesolutions.com