Lignum Vitae North America awarded a contract for Water Lubricated Main Guide Bearings for Alabama Power’s Bouldin Dam.

Lignum Vitae North America was awarded a contract to supply Water Lubricated Main Guide Bearings for Bouldin Dam built in the 1967 on the Coosa River. Lignum Vitae North America is pleased to continue servicing the Francis triple 75 MW units by providing maximum uptime and lower maintenance cost. This is an excellent example of Alabama Power’s service commitment to environmentally responsible projects.

Powerhouse Mechanical was awarded the order for the complete bearing and housing refurbishment. The bearing shoes and housings were fully inspected (with laser CMM), upgraded and machined to critical customer specifications.  A precision bore of the bearing surface using proprietary methods was performed to ensure vibration-free start-up and the longest possible life. Powerhouse Mechanical Repair, Inc. is located in Charlotte, N.C.

Lignum Vitae stands ready to convert any size oil film, composite main guide water lubricated bearings in North America or Worldwide.