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Vacuum Vessel Reduces Lead Time For Blewett Falls

The addition of the Vacuum Pressure Vessel compliments existing processes designed for total saturation to meet and exceed current Marine and Hydro standards.

Total saturation of a water lubricated bearing guarantees 100% reliability of bearing performance required for everything from large to small hydro.

Installation of this vessel has reduced lead times by reliably saturating material in hours and days vs weeks and months. Proper saturation is critical for water lubricated bearings.

This collapsed timeline was proven critical when LVNA was asked to provide 55 thrust and main guide bearings for the 1912 Historic Blewett Falls Hydro Station operated by Duke Energy. LVNA reverse engineered, produced working drawings, manufactured, and delivered in 30 days from PO. These new lignum vitae bearings will continue to produce clean renewable energy for many more decades.

Lignum Vitae North America provides Longevity, Reliability, and Performance to both the Hydro and Marine Industries. Contact us to see how the Lignum Vitae North America personalized approach can lead to the solution for your needs.

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Lignum Vitae and Covid-19

As the world navigates its way through this pandemic, we are closely monitoring the situation putting the health and safety of our customers and team first.
Precautionary measures have been put in place to continue daily production. Our mission compels us to carry on during these extraordinary days.
It’s times like this that causes us to reflect and be grateful.
Be healthy,
Lori Ann

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