The EPA continues to ask hydro plants to refine operations to mitigate environmental impacts, so we’re all basically looking for the same thing, right? Products and processes that are cost-effective, long lasting AND compliant. But what about your business? Are your suppliers in it for the long haul with you? Lignum Vitae is.

Sustainability, at its core, is about balance. Balancing the needs of right now, with the ability to maintain or keep up for the future. From an environmental perspective, we as businesses understand our responsibility to balance operations and the impact of our products or services with our desire to turn a profit. We have an obligation to ensure the sustainability of our natural resources, so that this big round Earth we ride around on will still be habitable for future generations. But we also have an obligation to the bottom line, and refining our business practices, manufacturing, systems and more to comply with increasingly stringent EPA regulations can be costly. Finding a solutions provider or supplier who can deliver zero-environmental impact bearing solutions that reliably last for decades in service AND has the track record and history to get it done? You may feel like you’re looking for something that doesn’t exist.

Let us introduce ourselves. We’re Lignum Vitae N.A., the exclusive global supplier of genuine lignum vitae bearings and seals to the hydro-electric industry. Our bearings and seals are unmatched in their longevity, reliability, and performance in the most extreme operating environments. This year marks our 15th anniversary, and we’re proud of the fact that our water-lubricated bearings manufactured with genuine lignum vitae material literally perform – without added maintenance – for decades before needing replacement. For our customers, water lubrication is a big factor in EPA compliance, since there are no harmful oils or solvents seeping into the environment. Our solutions have a high resistance to shock, loading and vibration and consistently exhibit low wear in abrasive water environments. For our customers, this means reduced waste and reduced downtime. Simply put, it’s the best sustainable bearing and seal solution you’ll find.

Lignum Vitae N.A. founder and CEO Bob Shortridge has strong feelings about sustainability, once saying “My personal philosophy is that if it takes 100 years to grow a tree then the product should last as long, or sustainability is gone.” Once an endangered resource, lignum vitae today is sustainable for use under very specific international guidelines outlined and overseen by CITES. That’s why Lignum Vitae N.A. has adopted rigorous harvesting policies to ensure the long-term sustainability of the species. We also collaborate closely with local governments and CITES authorities to ensure the trade of this vital resource is carried out according to CITES instructions. 

Our company’s successful 15-year history of partnering with hydro-plants and other industries is a mere drop in the bucket compared to the history of lignum vitae material. It is the original bearing material, with documented use going back as far as 1860. Our customers will tell you we’ve both got a pretty good track record. That’s why, to celebrate our 15th anniversary, for a limited time, we’re offering a 15% discount on our bearings and seals. We want to work with you to build a long-term partnership that ensures the long-term sustainability of your business. Because longevity matters.

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