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High tech or high touch? You shouldn’t have to choose

Every customer wants to feel like they’re the most important, especially when hundreds of thousands of dollars of technology are on the line. But big businesses often focus so much on the technical details of the deal that they overlook the relationship. With Lignum Vitae N.A., you don’t have to choose.  

They say in life that it’s the little things that matter. But those little things often are neglected when plant operators are forced to work with large, multinational manufacturers and contractors for their bearing needs. Think about it. The big guys have slick websites and marketing materials. They have multi-person sales teams who will sell you whatever bearing you ask for. But at the end of the day, do they really understand what keeps you up at night? Do they know the challenges and expense of downtime because their “off the shelf” bearings can’t hold up to the demands of your equipment and rigorous operating schedule?

Lignum Vitae N.A. gets it, and gets you. We are the small business with big capabilities. Our water-lubricated bearing solutions are custom built and engineered by specialists in our state-of-the-art production facility in Central Virginia. No bearing leaves our shop until we are certain it will meet your precise specifications and exceed your high expectations for long-lasting and reliable performance.

When Lignum Vitae N.A. president and founder Bob Shortridge reintroduced lignum vitae as a superior bearing material several years ago, he also reintroduced the idea of partnership and service as a business imperative. Every person on the Lignum Vitae N.A. team is motivated by a passion for service and a singular drive – to identify a challenge and dig in until we can find the precise right solution for our customers. It is our collaborative and personalized approach that our customers appreciate. It is our attention to detail and superior bearing solutions that our customers know they can count on. Because we get it right the first time, every time, and on time.

So, if you have to choose, choose superior performance. Choose superior service. Choose Lignum Vitae N.A. superior bearing solutions. Our team is ready to partner with you to meet your need for low maintenance, long-lasting, water-lubricated stave bearings, horizontal bearings, thrust bearings, shell bearings, bushings, and mechanical seals. Contact us at 804.372.6206. It’s the only choice.

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Volatile Market, Stable Supply: When Time is of The Essence

Let’s face it – you don’t have time for excuses from your bearing supplier. You have even less time for costly delays when you’re facing a service interruption. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Meet Lignum Vitae N.A.

Whether its planned maintenance or urgent repair, time is of the essence for hydro plant operators who need a reliable, cost-effective and sustainable bearing solution for their facility, fast. Unfortunately, many operators are forced to accept supply chain issues brought on by volatile market conditions, shipping delays and escalating costs as standard operating practice in today’s marketplace. Only one bearing manufacturer can honor quote pricing for 24 months due to the stability of our supply: Lignum Vitae. N.A.

As the exclusive global supplier with immediate access to a commercially viable supply of lignum vitae, Lignum Vitae N.A. is your sole source for solutions that you can rely on to perform without interruption. Sustainable harvesting and reforestation practices and climate and humidity-controlled production and storage facilities ensure we are uniquely positioned to meet the aggressive delivery timelines of our global customers. We currently have more than 500 tons of lignum vitae material onsite at our newly updated eastern U.S. headquarters and production facility, which enables us to maintain an accelerated purchase order to shipping schedule of just 72 hours.

Our team is ready to partner with you to meet your need for low maintenance, long-lasting, water-lubricated stave bearings, horizontal bearings, thrust bearings, shell bearings, bushings and mechanical seals. Contact us to see how the Lignum Vitae N.A. personalized approach and quick turnaround time can lead to the superior solution for your needs.

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